March 2016 Book of the Month: Abraham by Meg Warner

AbrahamAbraham: A Journey Through Lent by Meg Warner

Meg Warner’s Abraham: A Journey Through Lent has been my favourite Lenten read this year. It is both a thorough examination of the Abraham stories and an interesting exploration of the reader’s own Lenten journey. She combines a difficult biblical text, the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross and illustrative episodes from her own life to create a very readable book.

The choice of an Old Testament figure, Abraham, as a companion through Lent may seem strange but Abraham’s journey has so many parallels with Jesus’ story that the subject never feels out of place. Meg Warner brings to her book a thorough analysis of the story of Abraham. She places him in his own historical context and explains some parts of the story that to us, as modern readers, can be almost incomprehensible. Her vast knowledge of the subject is ever present but she does not overwhelm the reader with it. The focus of the book is very much on the shared experience of journeying through Lent, using Abraham’s journey as a model. The questions posed to the reader at the end of each chapter serve to direct our reflection towards our personal Lenten journeys.

This is by no means an arduous read, just one chapter for each week of Lent. Each chapter is further broken down into around six sections; an introductory section introducing the theme and reading for the week, some historical context and Lenten reflection on Abraham, an illustrative episode and some questions for the reader. This gentle pace compliments the reflective period that is Lent and allows the reader to pick up the book in a moment of peace when they are ready to absorb what it has to say.

Reviewed by Lynette White, Duty Manager at Sarum College

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