Book of the Month: March 2014

Barbara Mosse coverWelcoming the Way of the Cross by Barbara Mosse (2014)

Reading this book is like spending time with your spiritual director in one of those gentle but ultimately challenging conversations which really makes you think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Mosse starts by making you think about what it really means to give something up for Lent (the difference between loving renunciation and smug one-up-manship) and continues through the journey we embark on so earnestly, but which so often we fail to complete: the journey through Lent and Holy Week.

Each stage of the journey has a theme:  God’s love for us; the desert places; oases of welcome; confronting our shadows; being open to the world; being open to the cross. Each day has a passage from scripture, a reflection , a shorter passage for personal prayer and, until Holy Week itself, a question for further reflection. Within that simple structure we roam, as all good conversation does, across all sorts of subjects – discussing writers as diverse as John Cassian and Delia Smith; finding fresh insights in familiar passages; creating space to ask questions of our God and ourselves.  The questions are also grouped together at the end of the book for those who wish to use the book for group study.

One reason why we can so often fail to complete our Lenten journey is because, although we want the spiritual transformation we know will come, we are afraid of the process. This book really will help us on the way and, although it is advertised as a Lent Book, this is not something to have for the season and then forget: this is a book for life. Something to come back to, not just for its insights into scripture  which, as Mosse writes, relentlessly but mercifully hold a mirror up to our human nature, but for her own ability to do the same.

Reviewed by Norma Fergusson, Asst Curate, Benefice of Rowde & Bromham

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