Book of the Month: June 2016

groundedGrounded by Diana Butler Bass

This is a remarkable book which draws together the Church, the environment, theology and the ways in which we understand God, into a revolutionary view of twenty-first century religious experience.

This is an extraordinarily moving book, reaching deep into a soul, transforming understanding, creating in us a completely new perception of God, “just beyond what we can see…at the edge of the visible world, the horizon of mystery”.

Religion – said to be in decline – is actually in a stage of transformation, renewal in the truest sense – where God is no longer distant but present in the world: liberated (if I may Gput it in these terms) from the confines of the Church.

We have become familiar with the intellectualising of faith (a process that surrounds so many pronouncements) until our faith is confined and bound. Here is a pathway to our being ‘called again’, as to a very new discovery through mysticism, poetry, into integration.

To read this book is therefore to become re-made. It is a book for those who have lost patience with the Church but still hold onto their hope in God. Above all, perhaps, it is a book for those who need a new language to convey the spiritual revolution that surrounds us; to help us all to become aware of the sacred, of the presence of God in the world, God-with-us – a radical faith, Christianity’s way of disturbing the world.

Reviewed by Lavender Buckland LLM

Grounded, published by HarperOne, is available at the special price of £11.50 (RRP £14.99) until 30 June 2016 from our online store.

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