Book of the Month: July 2016

scarsScars Across Humanity by Elaine Storkey

This is probably the most important book anyone could read all year. It is deeply moving, well researched and a call to action that, once started, is impossible to put down.

Elaine Storkey had a wealth of experience to draw on while writing this book. As the President of Tearfund and co-founder of Restored she has worked in areas where gender-based violence was considered a part of every day life. Her familiarity and sensitivity with the issues involved make this book both moving and unflinchingly honest.

 The majority of the book considers the realities of violence against women throughout the world; covering issues such as rape, FGM, selective abortion and forced marriage. There is no place for sensationalism in Storkey’s writing. The impact of her book lies in the facts that she relates, bringing together statistics and descriptions of violence that put the true scale of the problem into clear view. The last sections consider some modern theories of violence against women. Including the role of religion as a contributing factor and as a cure.

 Most importantly this book offers hope. Elaine (a practising Christian and member of the General Synod of the Church of England) is honest about the problems that religions, including Christianity and Islam, have caused. However she extends to people everywhere a vision of hope; making it clear that religion can provide a framework to help understand and ultimately eradicate violence. 

Reviewed by Lynette White

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