Book of the Month: December 2018

A Shaking Reality: Daily Reflections for Advent by Peter B Price

Sometimes even the most faithful of hearts might wonder how our religious words, images and metaphors make a difference. How do they shape our understanding of the world, God and the practice of believing? If we desire God to shake and change us then we need to pause and resolve to open ourselves up to the Gospel. On this lifelong journey of transformation we shall need wisdom that often comes from others who know something of the struggle to believe and faithfulness to Christ. You will find in Peter Price a trusted guide and in these pages you will discover a grounded, honest and humane exploration of why we should take this season of Advent seriously. He understands that our experience of the world can distract and confuse. He understands how Christianity is always drawing us into a changing and a profound shaking.

Acceptance of the soil of this real world does not dilute or distract us from the firmest of convictions with which these series of reflections and prayers are offered for us as a resource for Advent. I promise you that you will be warmed, encouraged, challenged and confronted by the beauty of a prose that takes the reader into the very heart of our faith. I found in these pages a renewal and a call to re-engage with what is authentic and real. There is comfort in the promise and food in plenty for our journey of discovery into the loving invitation into the mystery of redemption in the incarnation of Jesus.

I shall be sharing this book with others and will tweet nuggets of its treasures during Advent in praise of the ‘heart-led ‘spiritual release into a deeper truth that Price leads us.

On an informative note the book is inspired by a meditation (The Shaking Reality of Advent) written by Fr Alfred Deep SJ while he was imprisoned by the Nazis during World War II and before his execution. There is a reflection and prayer for each day of Advent. Each is short enough that even the busiest of us should be able to carve out some time for reflection and prayer.

Finally it’s worth pondering what it is that made this book so captivating and challenging? A pen that has been informed by a wider horizon, an engagement with the presence of God in the world and its communities? A passion to make a difference? Perhaps also the generativity that comes with age?

Buy it and you decide! May your journey towards Christmas be blessed by the places Price will take you.

Review by James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College

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