Found Out: Transgressive Faith and Sexuality

Join Sarum College Bookshop for the launch of Alison Webster’s new book, Found Out: Transgressive Faith and Sexuality.

Thursday 30 November at 12pm

More than twenty years after writing Found Wanting, her influential critique of Christian teachings about women’s sexuality, Alison Webster explores the experiences of women whose spiritual lives have developed and flourished outside the strict demands and expectations of the traditional Church. Found Out presents these women’s stories and, in the voices of the marginalised and transgressive, discovers the beginnings of a new language for making sense of life, for speaking of God and of spirituality.

This book launch forms part of a day course Alison Webster is leading at Sarum College, Wellbeing, Identity and Spirituality – a creative day of theological exploration and reflection on who we are and how we flourish.

“Theology for Alison Webster is not a sport or hobby. It is survival. Driven by the hard realities of experience and the imperative of injustice, she fearlessly dusts off the sources, norms and ends of theological imagining to reconstruct liberation and hope for those whose voice is seldom heard. If the Church, poised on its various tightropes, is trying to balance so hard that it becomes incapable of moving, then this is a timely book that interrupts our paralysis in the name of God, calling us out, like Lazarus, to find ourselves loved to the point of tears. – Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
To book telephone 01722 326899 or email

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