Access Information

Access Statement

Sarum College welcomes students and visitors with disabilities. There are a number of bedrooms within the college which have been specifically designed for disabled access. Please discuss any specific requirements with a member of our hospitality staff.

Main Entrance & Reception

There are no steps leading to the front door.  At 4ft wide and 8ft high, the heavy door is quite impressive. The front door is open from 9am – 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday. Please ring the bell on arrival after 5.30 pm.

You will be met in our spacious Reception area measuring 18ft by 25ft by either a duty receptionist or, after 5.30 pm, a duty manager. From this area you will be directed through a further door measuring 4ft wide which leads to our main staircase or lift to the bedroom areas.

The lift is 3ft wide and 6ft6in high and carries eight passengers. The main staircase is 4ft wide and each flight of stairs is 10.5ft with a 6inch rise. There are two small landings measuring 4ft6in square. There are stair rails on both sides of the staircase.

Guest Dining Room & Common Room

The guest dining room is located through the second door in the main entrance hall straight down the corridor. This corridor is carpeted throughout to the dining hall entrance. The corridor is 4ft6in wide. There are office doors either side. The guest dining room is approached by a small landing where there is a chair lift to enable wheelchair users to descend to the dining hall level.

A member of staff will assist in the usage of the wheelchair lift. If the guest arriving requires to use the wheelchair lift this will be addressed on arrival. There are also four stairs measuring 4ft 9in wide, 13in length and 6in deep with one stair rail. The flooring to the dining room changes from carpet to polished floor. There are two double doors to the entrance to the dining room. The dining room is a large room 28ft wide and 45ft long. There are about 10 tables with upholstered chairs. Each table seats 6 or 8 people. Meals are served on a self-service basis with a long table measuring 4ft 5in by 12ft.

The Common Room is adjacent to the guest dining room and is on two levels. The lower level has chairs and tables in a café style arrangement. The licensed bar is also on this level. The lower level measures 26 ft by 18 ft Four wooden stairs brings the visitor up to the upper level. There is a handrail on each side of the stairs. The upper area measures 19 ft by 14 ft.