Author Talk and Book Launch with Simon Parke

simon_parke_portraitA return visit by popular author Simon Parke, this time to launch his first historical novel about Charles 1, The Soldier, The Gaoler, The Spy and her Lover.

Monday 20 February at 6.30pm

January 30th 1649. England is not a country that wishes to execute its divinely-appointed king. Yet Charles 1 finds himself shivering on a cold scaffold in Whitehall, with the axe man by his side. The huge crowd is silent. The king is kneeling. The axe is raised…

In this brilliantly atmospheric novel, Simon Parke explores one of the most gripping tales in English history by weaving together four coinciding stories: those of Charles, including his extraordinary year-long imprisonment on the Isle of Wight; Robert Hammond, the poor man who found himself the king’s gaoler; Charles’s remarkable mistress (written out of the records), the super-spy Jane Whorwood; and, of course, the brilliant and depressed Oliver Cromwell, working through his own demons of religion, politics, love and death.

It was an impossible killing. So how did that happen?

Simon Parke is the creator of the Abbot Peter mysteries, a former script writer for Spitting Image, was a vicar in the Church of England and is the CEO OF The Mind Clinic.

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
For tickets visit Eventbrite, email or telephone 01722 326899

Watch Simon Park talk about his new book in this short video below.

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