The Art of Healing

The power of art to heal and console is expressed in a new exhibition of work in a range of media including sculpture, paintings, glass and photography at Sarum College until 8 May 2012.

sculpture called flight by Charlotte Mayer

In this sculpture, entitled Flight, artist Charlotte Mayer says she tries to capture the true freedom that the human spirit seeks.

The therapeutic value of art in physical, mental, and spiritual healing has been recognised since the Middle Ages. The earliest hospices, such as that at Isenheim with its famous Grünwald altarpiece, were dominated by large and often exquisitely painted crucifixions, a present reminder of Christ’s sufferings.

Art gave comfort and strength to those who were overtaken by disease and cared for by religious foundations with only the most rudimentary medical help at their disposal. These carers followed Christ’s instruction to ‘heal the sick, feed the hungry, and let the oppressed go free’ which was, and remains, a cornerstone of Christian life.

sculpture entitled One by Elizabeth Herkstroter

Sculpture entitled One, by Elizabeth Herstroter.

Participating artists are: Sally Fawkes & Richard Jackson, Elizabeth Herkstroter, Charlotte Mayer FRBS, Ruth Oaks, Keith Rand ARBS, Tracey Sheppard FGE, Will Spankie and Ryan Tabor.

In addition, there is a display of paintings by members of Freedom from Torture’s art therapy group. For details, visit the Freedom from Torture (formerly The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture) website.

Sculpture entitled Into The Light Blue, by Keith Rand ARBS

Sculpture entitled Into The Light Blue, by Keith Rand ARBS



The Art of Healing exhibition is free and open to the public until 8 May 2012.  Opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays).

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All photos in the gallery link and above are by Ash Mills Photography





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