Anna Simmons Exhibition

DSCF3654_editedWebExhibition of paintings by Anna Simmons on the theme of light shining in dark places.

Anna has painted all her life, but she did not receive a formal training in her youth. In later life, after her children had left home, she gave up her job as a teacher to devote herself to painting. She then studied at St. Martin’s and this period inspired a particular direction in her work which continues today. Anna has had one woman shows in London, Bath and America, and has sold widely all over the world, including Italy, Switzerland and Germany. In the summer of 2014 she was part of a three person exhibition of contemporary artists at Medici Gallery, London.

About the Exhibition

Some of these pictures were painted in response to the pilgrimage tour led by the bishop which I went on last summer. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, with all its strange little angles and crevices inspired me greatly, as did the pilgrims who were visiting the shrines. Light shining in dark places has always been an important theme in my pictures and I have found that this can be found anywhere, climbing a staircase, waiting for a train, walking up a narrow street.

Anna Simmons

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