Abrahams’ iPad Exhibition

Longstanding artistic themes and fresh means of expressing them come together in this exhibition by the sculptor Anthony Abrahams.

Ever the innovator, Anthony has recently turned to explore the new technique of iPrinting.

“The immediacy and flexibility of iPrinting is remarkable. To be able to change your mind, to adjust and modulate without problems, can lead to a fluency unknown in almost all other printing techniques. But it is more than just a quick and relatively easy way of print making. As a new technique it provides the opportunity for a new kind of image, one perhaps in which individual pixels play a major part.”

Anthony Abrahams

“These works perfectly illustrate how the new can be enhanced and enriched by a conversation with the old,” says Maggie Guillebaud, who heads the Sarum College arts committee.

“Anthony Abrahams’ engagement with new forms of media are a testament to his remarkable and continuing inventiveness and enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of art in a digital world.”

The exhibition is free and open daily. Open times are Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sundays 10am to 2pm. Limited edition prints are for sale with prices starting at £275.

Anthony Abrahams is an eminent British sculptor. Ever the innovator Anthony has recently turned to explore the new technique of iPrinting, the subject of this exhibition. He is represented by Pangolin London.

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