2013 Niblett Memorial Lecture: Sex And The Planet

Join us at Sarum College on Saturday November 2nd to find out if sex might be the most dangerous human activity to all life on earth.

Professor John Guillebaud is the speaker for the 2013 Niblett Memorial Lecture entitled: Sex And The Planet: A Christian Perspective on Population And Sustainability.

Guillebaud writes on environmental sustainability, population and contraception.

The emeritus professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health at the University College London recently gave a TEDx lecture at University College London on the risks of spiralling population growth (see video, above).

The abstract for the forthcoming lecture can be downloaded as a PDF. The theme of the lecture is linked with our current art exhibition, Stewards of the Earth.

The lecture begins at 5pm, with an optional supper following the lecture at 7pm.

The lecture is free, supper is £15 per person. Both must be booked in advance.
Email info@sarum.ac.uk or telephone 01722 424800

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