Congratulations to Sarum College’s 2013 Graduates

Photographs by Ash Mills

Each year on Presentation Day students along with their family and friends celebrate achieving their postgraduate qualification from Sarum College.

This year’s Presentation Day was held on Saturday 15 June 2013.

Postgraduate certificates were awarded to: Pauline Main, Caroline Wilson, Gillian Dyer and Angelica Kennard.

Postgraduate diplomas were awarded to: Charlotte Sharkey, Margaret Godsland, Pamela Mather, Amanda Miles, Juliusz Wodzianski.

Master’s degrees were awarded to: Patrick McEune, Debra Harris, Damian Hursey, Janet MacNally, Michael Perrott, Susan Porter, Doreen Mills, Diana Townsend, Brenda Wallace, Ian Yemm, Hugh Bonsey and Allyson Davies.

Congratulations to all!

More information about postgraduate study at Sarum College

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