Nourishing the Human Spirit

woman sitting in a windowFor a number of years Sarum has been a place where courses about Christian spirituality have fostered learning and exploration.  We have come to the view that the core focus of the college is learning to nourish the human spirit.

This year we are offering an experiment – the opportunity to become part of  a community of enquiry.  Join us in a year-long exploration into what it might mean to nourish the human spirit.

Sarum College Principal Keith Lamdin will act as a curator for the exploration by providing space and some boundaries of time. We will agree on values which will enable us to explore, uncover, discover and perhaps recover our understanding of the human spirit and what it means to nourish it.

The exploration takes place at Sarum on the third Sunday of every month, starting with coffee at 10am and ending with lunch at 1pm.  £12 for refreshments and lunch. Booking contact: / 01722 424826

Forthcoming Dates

January 22
March 18
April 15
May 20
June 17

All sessions will be held at Sarum College, 19 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EE




6 Replies to “Nourishing the Human Spirit”

  1. This may be what I need since it is nearly 4 years since I completed my MA at Sarum and there doesa seem to be more interest in Spirituality

    1. We’re delighted you’d like to join the Nourishing the Human Spirit group, Geoffrey. We certainly see continued interest in spirituality courses here at Sarum College.

  2. Hello, I am interested in continuing my exploration of spirituality. Can you tell me whether these sessions would be theoretical or experiential or both?
    Thank you

    1. Hello – I’ve asked Keith Lamdin, who will curate Nourish the Human Spirit, about this and he says, “They will be experiential in the first place and may lead to some of us wanting to read and share our thinking.”

  3. I would be interested in connecting with an enquiring community and exploring within a curated space. I would like to understand what it might mean to nourish the human spirit.

  4. I am attracted by the breadth of vision which the title suggests and hope that it might help to explore a satisfactory definition of ‘Spirituality’ itself.

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