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LibBooksSarum College Library is all about books! We have over 40,000 of them dating from 1545 to this year. We are an ideal resource for anyone with an interest in theology, ethics, Christian spirituality, church history and related areas.

The library’s special collections and archives are available to view with prior appointment. Contact the library staff for more information.


The library has a wish list of books not recommended for particular courses but which look interesting or would fill gaps in our collection. Prices start at £8.99 and donated books will have a book plate inside with the donor’s name. You might also consider clubbing together with others to donate a more expensive title.  Sarum College Bookshop offers a 10% discount on all wish-list titles. To donate a book, please click on ‘Donate’ to send an email with the book title and your details or contact the Library.

Title Price
1. Sound Bites: Seasonal Sketches with Punch and Wit for  Instant Performance (2014) by Richard Everett £10.99 Donate
2. 52 Reflections on Faith for Busy Preachers and Teachers (2014) by Stephen W Need £12.99 Donate
3. What Clergy Do (2014) by Emma Percy £12.99 Received
4. After Fukushima : the equivalence of catastrophes (2014) by Jean-Luc Nancy & Charlotte Mandell £10.99 Donate
5. Notes From the Underground: the Spiritual Journal of a Secular Priest (2015) by Donald Cozzens £11.99 Donate
6. The spiritual practice of remembering (2013) by Margaret Bendroth £10.99 Donate
7. Entrepreneurial Leadership: Finding Your Calling, Making a Difference (2013) by Richard J Goossen and R Paul Stevens £12.99 Donate
8. A Gospel Pageant: a Reader’s Guide to the Book of Revelation (2013) by Allan Chapple £12.99 Donate
9. Do we worship the same God? (2012) by Miroslav Volf £13.99 Donate
10. Discovering Trinity in disability : a theology for embracing difference (2013) by Myroslaw I. Tataryn £13.99 Donate
11. The state of the Church and the Church of the State by Michael Turnbull & Donald McFadyen £14.99 Received
12. Time for Change:​ A Fresh Look at Spiritu​ality, Sexuali​ty, Globali​sation and the Church by Donal Dorr £14.50 Received
13. Meditation with children (2013) by Laurence Freeman £9.99 Donate
14. Builders of community : rethinking ecclesiastical ministry (2011) by Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Faus  £14.99 Donate
15. He began with Moses by Paul J Kissling and Laurence A Turner, Grenville J R Kent et al. £14.99 Received
16. 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus (2013) by Robert W. Wall £16.99 Donate
17. Enduring lives (2013) by Carol Lee Flinders £16.99 Donate
18. Charts on the book of Hebrews (2012) by Herbert W. Bateman £17.99 Donate
19. Giorgio Agamben : beyond the threshold of deconstruction (2014) by Kevin Attell £17.99 Donate
20. Charts on the life and letters of Paul (2012) by Lars Kierspel £17.99 Donate
21.  Apostolic and Prophetic: Ecclesiological Perspectives by Gesa Elsbeth Thiessen  £19.50 Received
22. Interpreting the general letters (2014) by Herbert W. Bateman £19.99 Donate
23. Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir by Stanley Hauerwas £19.99 Received
24. Israel and empire : a postcolonial history of Israel and early Judaism (2011) by Aliou Niang & Leo G. Perdue £24.99 Donate
25. The Church’s Other Half: Women’s ministry by Trevor Beeson £19.99 Received
26. Jesus Paul & the People of God: A theological dialogue with N. T. Wright by Nicholas Perrin & Richard Hayes £19.99 Received
27. The ecclesial canopy : faith, hope and charity (2012) by Martyn Percy £19.99 Donate
28. The Witness of Preaching by Thomas G. Long £17.99 Received
29. Introducing World Christianity (2012) by Robert W. Hefner & Charles E. Farhadian £19.99 Donate
30. Nietsche and the becoming of life (2014) by Vanessa Lemm £23.99 Donate
31. The Future of the Global Church (2014) by Patrick Johnstone £24.99 Donate
32. The human being : a theological anthropology (2014) by Hans Schwarz £23.99 Donate


These are a few of the books which have been added to the library’s shelves in the last few months.  To see more, click here