About the Library

NewLibrarySarum College Library is a leading academic theological library with a collection of more than 40,000 books.

Sarum College rose from the ashes of the Salisbury and Wells Theological College, which closed in the mid 1990s, and took over its library. The collection was begun in 1860 by the then-Bishop of Salisbury, Walter Kerr Hamilton. Among his collection are 274 mainly nineteenth century pamphlets, tracts, sermons and charges.

In the late 1990s the library acquired several thousand books from the former Sowter and Clerical library in Church House, Salisbury. Among these were the majority of books that now make up our local history collection. Other related books have since been donated.

Today the library is primarily an academic resource to support Sarum College courses, local clergy and anyone with an interest in theology, ecclesiastical and local history.

Located in three rooms, the collection consists of books, journals, newspapers, a music resource, photocopying, word processing and internet facilities, as well as space to study.

The library went through an extensive refurbishment in February 2015 which saw the main library room completely re-fitted with a new carpet, pale walls, more electrical sockets, new lighting and improved heating. These improvements have made the library a much more attractive, comfortable space for staff, volunteers and readers.

Joining the library

Membership to the library is open to everyone.

Annual membership is £50 for full borrowing rights or £40 for use as a reference library. College visitors may become temporary members at reduced rates of £5 per day or £10 per week.

Students at Sarum College are entitled to full use of the library’s facilities during the length of their course.

Contact the library for all membership enquiries
library@dev.sarum.ac.uk  |  01722 424803