Two Faiths and a Vision for the Economy

Please note that this course has been cancelled.
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Open to all – no specialist financial or theological knowledge required.  We invite you to share in a conversation that is at once personal, economic, practical and spiritual.

World MoneyMoney, the Economy and Faith is a one-day course exploring finance from two faith perspectives, Muslim and Christian.

Tarek El Diwany and Peter Selby, Muslim and Christian Investment Adviser and Theologian, will lead an interactive discussion about money, the economy and faith.

Both have worked extensively on what their respective faiths have to offer to our understanding of economics. In the process they have each written prescient books on modern-day usury, and can show that the financial crisis of 2008 is rooted in a deep failure to understand the rightful creation and use of money in the economy.

El Diwany and Selby will offer analysis of what happened in the crisis, what we need to do to change things, and an opportunity for all of us to examine the place of money in our lives and ways in which we can stop supporting the destructive economics of usury.

Thursday 14 June 2012
Arrivals at 10am, lunch at 1pm, departures at 4pm.

In the first two sessions both Peter Selby and Tarek El Diwany will give their account of how their faith approaches economic issues. In the final session there will be a discussion on where both visions differ and where they agree. In the process learning more about the theology and practices of both faiths, and the different ways in which Muslims and Christians can help change our economic system for the better.

Price: £45 (including lunch and refreshments)

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