Niblett Memorial Lecture – Sex and The Planet: A Christian Perspective on Population and Sustainability

Niblett Memorial LectureIn 2009 the UK’s chief scientist declared the world faces a ‘perfect storm’ of population growth, peak oil and climate change, which enhances the risk of violence in the face of energy, water and food insecurity.

Human population stands at more than 7 billion, rising annually by the population of Germany.

More than four decades ago Ehrlich and Holdren showed there are only three drivers of human environmental impact: the ‘green-ness’ of technology; resource consumption and pollution; and the number of people on the planet. If the stakes are so high is it not foolhardy to continue to neglect any one of these drivers?

Speaker, John Guillebaud is emeritus professor of Family Planning & Reproductive Health, University College London. He writes on environmental sustainability, population and contraception. He recently gave a TEDx lecture at University College London on the risks of spiralling population growth.

The theme of the lecture is linked with our current art exhibition, Stewards of the Earth.

Lecture is free, optional supper (at 7pm) is available for £15. Both must be booked in advance.
Email or telephone 01722 424800

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