Lost in Transition: Baby Boomers in the Church and Society

LostInTransitionA one day consultation at Sarum College in Salisbury to explore the implications of the post-war generation now reaching retirement.

The generation born immediately post Second World War is now retiring. Analysis of the 2011 UK census shows that the overall number of people turning 65 in 2012 leapt by 30 per cent in a single year. The unprecedented size of this cohort represents both opportunity and challenge for society in general, and certainly for the individuals concerned.

The questions posed by the Baby Boomer generation are far ranging and multi-faceted. Is this generation defined by needs and desires which differ significantly from previous generations? Should we now construe early old age as a discrete life stage with a distinct set of values? Is this the beginning of an inexorable decline, or the discovery of new vocations; a descent into aimlessness, or an oasis of spiritual growth?’ What are the implications of this generation for the ministry of the Church today?

The mission emphasis of the Church has been heavily weighted towards younger generations, while the pastoral focus tends to be on the vulnerable old; but what of the young-older generation? With the gifts, skills and experience they bring, do they present a ‘field white unto harvest’, or a threat to the established order?

The purpose of this consultation is to explore these questions within a Christian context, and to identify potential areas and topics for study. Anyone with an interest in this field will be most welcome and delegates are encouraged to contribute from their own disciplines and experience, their ideas and inspiration. The day will particularly suit researchers and students considering their dissertation topics.

Ultimately it is hoped that this one day consultation will launch a new, mutually supportive study group researching the practical, theological and cultural implications of ministering to and with the retiring Baby Boomers.

Price  £25, includes lunch and refreshments

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