Biblical Study Break: The Gospel of John

GoseplofJohn_webHow might the so-called ‘spiritual’ Gospel of John contribute to a contemporary spirituality?

In exploring this question, the course will focus on both themes and texts. This Gospel’s distinctive narrative presentation of Jesus has at its goal its readers’ experience of ‘life’ (20:31). How does this work itself out in the story’s plot and characterisation?

Its perspective on human flourishing that comes into view entails a transformative embodied relationship with God in Christ through the Spirit that is expressed in a community facing issues of life, death, unity, justice and witness in the world. In the light of these themes, the course will investigate selected passages, some of which feature prominently in the lectionary readings, in order to provide reflection on how they might be appropriated for teaching and preaching.

Hovering in the background, of course, will be further questions about this Gospel’s relation to the Synoptics, its profound incarnational Christology and its attitude to Judaism.

Price  £205 non-residential; £345 residential (en-suite)

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