Biblical Study Break: the Book of Job – God, Creation and Chaos

The book of Job is a tantalising text which explores the fringes of canonical thought, asking disturbing questions about divine purpose and control and about the place of human beings in God’s world.

It has provoked such a wide variety of interpretations that it may seem to lack any clear, over-arching message. The course will suggest that the writer had a number of overlapping agendas, some of which remain deeply relevant. Chief among them was to affirm the existence of undeserved suffering, and thereby to reject accepted theories of retribution.

In framing an alternative view of God’s dealings with humanity in a world of apparent injustice, he explores God’s relationship with creation as a whole. His bold and original insights contain some striking points of contact with the views of some modern scientist-theologians. In addition to its exploration of these themes, the course will briefly survey a variety of reactions to the book of Job over the last two thousand years, highlighting its appeal to modern secular interpreters.

The course will also consider the book’s potential as a pastoral resource, and will look at a variety of ways of reading it in a Christian canonical context.

Price  £199 non-residential, £335 residential (en-suite)

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