Biblical Study Break: The Bible and Beginnings: Studies in Creation

BSBWhat does the Bible say about creation? That question can sometimes lead to heated debate both between Christians and between Christians and non-Christians.

In fact, the theme of creation is used rather differently in different parts of the Bible, bringing out various aspects of what it means to believe in a Creator God and that we are created beings living in the world God has created.

This course will look at the different ways in which the theme of creation is used in the Book of Psalms, in the Book of Proverbs, in Genesis 1-3 and in the New Testament. The historical, cultural and literary context of the biblical texts will be studied to illuminate the way writers convey ideas about God as Creator, humans as created beings and the nature of the created world. It will be suggested that this has significant implications for Christian understanding of the nature and work of Christ, of spirituality, and of mission.

It also has relevance for Christian involvement in current debates about social ethics, environmental issues and science and religion.

Price  £205 non-residential; £345 residential (en-suite)

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