Biblical Study Break: Luke, Paul and the Book of Acts: Studies in Early Church History and Mission

LukePaulAndTheBookOfActsActs is an enormously important document, without which we would know very little of the story of the earliest Christian church.

It is also a hugely exciting document in its vivid portrayal of the explosive growth of the Christian movement. The study of Acts raises all sorts of questions: how historical is it, and how idealistic – not least in its portrayal of Paul? How did Luke intend us to read his description of the Pentecost-inspired church? Is he offering a model for ongoing church life, or is he describing one-off events? How should we use it, and how can we learn from it, in the 21st church?

The course will offer an overview of the book of Acts, looking at how Acts and Paul’s letters agree or disagree and reflecting on how historical or fictional Acts is. Detailed attention will be given to comparing Acts with Paul’s letters, notably Galatians and 1 Corinthians, seeing how they relate, historically and theologically.

Key themes of the book of Acts – the Holy Spirit, the preaching of the early church, the motivation and method of mission – will be explored.

Price  £205 non-residential; £345 residential (en-suite)

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