Theology and Human Culture

MATIC webThis module engages with the ‘texts’ and practices of human culture and encourages students to explore the nature of the relationship between theology and culture through creative and critical perspectives.

Students will be able to refine and update their knowledge of theologians and key theological debates as they relate to human culture, show how central themes in theology are expressed through different forms of culture in history and today, and be given the opportunity to reflect critically on human culture from theological perspectives.

Students will be introduced to the interface between God and human culture and become familiar with the distinct methodological approaches taken within the sociological, philosophical, and theological studies of culture by attending to the nuanced approaches of different disciplines. Students will gain an appreciation of the creative interactions between ways of understanding culture. Relevant research methods and skills will be covered.

Those not on the MA programme are very welcome to book on this course as an auditor.
Price  £225 non-residential, £375 residential (en-suite)

Contact Anne Jensen for booking enquiries.  |  01722 424827