Text, Interpretation and Imagination

The images, stories, myths and teachings of the Bible have served as a foundation for the Western cultural imagination.  The Bible, when read in each new cultural context, both challenges the readers’ cultural assumptions and is challenged by new ways of reading which spring forth from the readers’ distinct perspective.  The discipline, art and craft of hermeneutics require that one become sensitive to both the reading of the text and the act of being read by the text.

In this module, students will engage in critical and creative hermeneutics and engage in both a deeper and closer reading of the Biblical texts themselves, and see how these texts inform, and are informed by, human creativity.  Students will analyse and offer a critical appreciation of different types of text contained in the Bible. They will pursue inter textual analysis and offer the opportunity to make comparisons between different types of text (sacred and otherwise) and be encouraged to explore a variety of original and imaginative interpretations of text.

Those not enrolled in the MA programme are very welcome to book this course.

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