The Gospel According to Giotto

Gospel according to GiottoOn the Feast of the Annunciation in 1305, a chapel in Padua, Italy, was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Nearby monks complained to the Pope that the chapel was excessive to the point of ostentation in its elaborate design. The Pope, however, granted an indulgence to those who visited the chapel.

The Scrovegni Chapel was decorated by Giotto di Bondonne. In consultation both with his patron (Enrico Scrovegni) and with associated clergy as to its proposed content, and with little inhibition as to the cost of this undertaking, Giotto produced one of the greatest masterpieces of Renaissance art in Italy.

As one gazes upon the frescoes that line the walls and ceiling of The Scrovegni Chapel, one sees unfolded an inspired narrative drawn from The Infancy Gospel of James, the four Gospels of the New Testament, stories from the Old Testament, and the Church’s teaching on the Christian Life.

While viewing the pictures in this telling of the Gospel story, this course will explore how Giotto brought together these elements in revealing the “Good News” portrayed in what one might refer to as “The Gospel according to Giotto”.

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