Glimpsing the Glory of God

A day exploring sacred spaces and their art through the ages to the present day.

The kind of spaces human beings have set aside over the centuries for the encounter with the unknowable mystery of God speak volumes about the people who created them as well as the picture of God they enshrine.

In this study day we look at some of these spaces and how they have been arranged and decorated in different historical periods. The focus will be on the Christian tradition, but not exclusively so.

We shall look at the nature of sacred space, the proper place of iconography in worship and how the liturgical movement has helped change our understanding of these issues and even relocate the focus of our sacred space and of our image of Christ. The day will end with Evensong in the cathedral as a way of drawing together our thoughts and giving expression to our longing for God.

£45, including lunch and refreshments

Contact Alison Ogden for booking enquiries. | 01722 424826