Sarum Centres of Learning

SarumCentresSarum’s seven Centres of learning offer courses, consultancy, conferences and research opportunities to suit different styles of living and learning.

Course formats across the Centres include evening lectures, day and residential courses – all at varying levels, from academic to experiential, intensive to leisurely.

Sarum Centre for Theology, Imagination and Culture

This Centre offers opportunities to engage with themes in theology, imagination and culture at research, practical and entrepreneurial levels, for continuing ministerial development, and intellectual, professional and personal growth and renewal.

Colin Greene is the Centre coordinator and programme leader for the MA in Theology, Imagination and Culture. His interests include biblical hermeneutics and the intersection of theology and contemporary culture.

Sarum Centre for Leadership Learning

This Centre offers opportunities for those who exercise leadership in the Christian churches, schools and other voluntary organisations to research the meaning and practice of leadership and to test that in their own practice in the organisations they serve.

Tim Harle is the Centre coordinator and programme leader for the MA in Christian Approaches to Leadership. Tim is also a visiting research fellow at Bristol Business School and an author and speaker on leadership and change.

Sarum Centre for Contemporary Spirituality

This Centre offers academic, vocational, personal and devotional opportunities to explore spirituality widely, with courses for continuing ministerial development, and intellectual and professional growth and renewal.

Barnabas Palfrey is acting Centre coordinator and acting programme leader for the MA in Christian Spirituality (from October 2016). He has a wide range of theological and spirituality interests, particularly as they relate to philosophy.

Sarum Centre for Liturgy and Worship

This Centre stimulates fresh thinking about Christian worship especially as it relates to the evolving practice and understanding of worship in today’s Church. We do this through opportunities to study at an academic level, liturgical leadership courses, consultancy, conferences and research. Sarum College has been a venue for liturgical study and research since its foundation in 1995. Its proximity to Salisbury Cathedral connects it to an ancient tradition of Christian worship.

James Steven is the Centre coordinator, academic dean and programme leader for the MA in Christian Liturgy. He is a leading scholar in the fields of contemporary worship and the theological dimensions of liturgical practice.

Sarum Centre for Formation in Ministry

This Centre offers learning opportunities in ordained and lay ministry for professional, vocational and personal development. These can be used to deepen theological reflection, to fill gaps in learning or to develop new skills.

Sarum’s core academic staff shape the College’s educational programmes and select guest lecturers for their expertise in relevant subjects to achieve an exceptionally high standard of specialist teaching and learning.

Sarum Centre for Encountering the Bible

Opportunities to read, explore, discuss and interpret biblical texts and their ancient contexts from diverse perspectives. We want to read and interpret the bible for many different reasons: not only for historical information, moral guidance or spiritual wisdom but also to encounter each other and God and for the sheer pleasure of it. We want to read and interpret the bible for many different contexts: not only of Christian church but also in the context of political questions and contemporary culture. We want to read and interpret the bible from many different angles: not only liberal and conservative but also secular and interfaith.

Anna-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh is the Centre coordinator and director of studies for the Centre for Formation in Ministry. Her passion is in bringing the ancient biblical text alive to challenge and encourage any audience. She is currently researching the four women in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus.

Sarum Centre for Human Flourishing

We live in a time characterised by change, innovation, choice, freedom and diversity. This Centre offers courses and events to inspire fresh thinking and shift practice as we reflect on how we live together and what wellbeing and the common good mean.

James Woodward is Centre coordinator and principal of Sarum College. As a practical theologian he has focussed particularly on areas of health and healing, old age, the practice of theological reflection, and end of life care.