Reflective Practice

A methodological and hermeneutical study of how reflective practice can underpin and challenge an understanding of leadership. It will introduce students to contemporary models of reflective practice both in the educational, theological and business worlds and encourage reflection on how these models inform and critique one another. Students will practice a variety of methods so that they can select and design their own models to apply in their own environment.

Please note that MA modules are open to all. So you may enrol in any MA module as an “auditor” without registering for the full MA programme.  An auditor participates in a module in exactly the same way as students on the MA, but does not prepare an essay at the end of it.

Potential auditors should understand that this course has been prepared for an MA programme and so the treatment of topics will be at an advanced level. Graduates and those with relevant professional experience should be able to follow the content and participate fully. Please be aware that the course will require preparatory time to undertake the preliminary reading.

Non-MA (auditing) prices for all modules are:
Non-residential  £220
Standard room £330
Ensuite room £375
Premier room £420

Residential prices includes all meals and refreshments.
Non-residential price includes all meals and refreshments with the exception of breakfast.