Christian Faith and Leadership

The module will explore and analyse the ways in which theology and spirituality can underpin and challenge an understanding of leadership both within and outside faith-based contexts.

Leaders will encourage critical reflection on how leadership and management within the changing nature of contemporary society can be informed by insights from selected spiritual and theological traditions within religion and especially Christianity and are related to a theological view of faith, vocation, the Church and its mission.

The connection between spirituality, theology and leadership will be explored to reflect how these perspectives are integral to an understanding of faith-based leadership rather than simply an addition to it.

Different models of leadership, both secular and religious, will be examined and evaluated that can illustrate this. The interface between theology, spirituality and secular insights into the nature of leadership will be explored and brought together. An integral part of the module will be opportunities for participants to develop skills in handling the methodologies proper to the different disciplines that can inform an understanding of faith-based leadership including reflection on their own preferred leadership styles.

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