Postgraduate Study (LM) Test

The search for leaders and the understanding of what defines leadership in business, political and public life, and in religious life is not a modern phenomenon but has re-emerged as a compelling issue in society.

Contemporary discussions about leadership not only explore what it means and how it works but also the place of faith and religious conviction among our leaders. In particular this focuses on the ways in which secular and religious understandings of leadership are manifest in those who lead in our churches, church schools and other faith-based organisations.

Sarum College’s MA in Christian Approaches Leadership offers an opportunity to study leadership in some depth from historical, theological and contemporary perspectives and to research and develop practical skill in exercising leadership as a known person of faith. While this MA is grounded n the Christian tradition it will be attractive to people who come from other faith perspectives.

Collaborative learning in small groups combined with guided home-based study allows  students to benefit from close contact with tutors and lecturers, with minimal disruption to domestic, ministerial or professional responsibilities.

How MA programmes are structured.