The Spiritual Imaginary: A Graduate Magazine in Christian Spirituality

SICover_webThis Graduate Magazine covers topics that fall within the broad discipline of Christian Spirituality.

In particular it sets out to explore the intersections between heart and mind that stands at the centre of the study of Christian Spirituality. Although the magazine strives to be academic, the very nature of the discipline demands that we explore how such thinking relates to practice, devotion, and/or action. Indeed furthering this interface is a key to this magazine’s purpose.

It is not easy to write in this ‘gap’. There is always a danger that it will not resonate with either those involved in the academic community and/or the life of faith. However, we believe that the inverse is true, and that the essays included in this magazine manage in small ways to show how we can bridge any sense of a divide. At the very least they strive to do so, thinking through in their orchestration what writing like this means methodologically.

In scope, the magazine encourages pieces that reflect the breadth of Christian Spirituality, which as an academic discipline intersects with and explores the whole gamut of human experience. Christian Spirituality demands responses that are concerned with historical readings, contemporary repercussions, artistic and literary outworkings, scientific discoveries, theological and religious responses, and imaginative insights, to name but a few approaches that we hope will be covered in subsequent volumes.

Its main purpose is to provide a forum for graduate students in Christian Spirituality to publish their work. To this end, all pieces are anonymously reviewed before inclusion. However, we welcome pieces from others who also have an interest in this area. If you would like to submit a piece please contact one of the editors.

Contributors retain all rights to their work.

The magazine is a joint venture of Sarum College, Salisbury, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, Heythrop College, University of London and The Institute of Spirituality, KU Leuven.

SICover_webIssue 1: Reflections on Julian of Norwich

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