Spirituality of Ageing: Post-Retirement Spirituality: Where to now?

An exploration of spiritual issues raised by ageing including post-retirement spirituality, meeting the needs of friends and relatives, spirituality and care homes, living and dealing with dementia, and death and dying. An introduction to some of the current thinking in this area with time for personal reflection.

Spirituality of ageing series (4 days)

Thursday 12 April
Post-Retirement Spirituality: Where to now?
Louise Nelstrop and Peggy Heeks

This first day will address the spiritual challenges that are associated with retirement and why it might mark a spiritual transition point. We will also consider what kind of transition this is and why it is important to reflect on the spiritual needs of those post-retirement.

Thursday 24 May
Spiritual health in Care Homes:  Living & Dying
Debbie Thompson and Louise Nelstrop

This day will combine both practical and academic considerations of the spiritual care of those living and dying in care homes. We will mostly explore these issues in relation to the stories of those involved in practical spiritual care.

Thursday 28 June
Spirituality & Older Age: Remembering the Past
James Woodward

The day will reflect on the spiritual needs that emerge in older age, particularly in relation to memory.

Thursday July 12
Caring for the Spiritual Needs of those with Dementia
Joanna Collicut

The day will include discussion of the theology of memory,  identity etc, this time with a particular reference to demention, as well as considering a basic medical/neurological account of the condition, before turning to a more practical, ministerial, consideration of the spiritual care of those with dementia.

Cost: £200 including lunch and refreshments on all four days

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