Heart of the Divine 2011-12

Cloiser gardens with fountain This course explores the riches of the Christian spiritual tradition and its relevance for today during six once-monthly sessions. Each day will include input from experienced speakers, followed by opportunities for personal reflection, group reflection and practical exercises.

Throughout there will be a blend of academic and experiential learning. We hope it will appeal as much to the heart as the mind – an invitation into ‘the Heart of the Divine’.




27 October 2011 The Desert and The Call
10 November 2011 Guides for the Journey
8 December 2011 The Dance of the Creation
12 January 2012 In the Service of Love
23 February 2012 Rebirth and Dark Night
22 March 2012 Journey’s End
Fee £300 (including refreshments and lunch on all course dates)
Full payment is required on booking. Owing to the nature of the course, the  number of participants is limited to 24.

Download the Sarum College booking form