Christian Spirituality: Mysticism in the Modern World

Mysticism in the Modern WorldThis weekend course will explore what mysticism is, and how it is increasingly considered an important part of today’s spiritual landscape.

Focusing on the Christian tradition, the course will explore contemporary conceptions of mysticism and the ways in which ancient Christian authors are being read today.

It will consider some of the leading figures who first revived mysticism within the Christian tradition, such as Evelyn Underhill and Teilhard de Chardin. It will also trace contemporary psych-philosophical understandings of mysticism from the William James up to the present day.

The course is open to anyone interested in learning more about mysticism within the Christian tradition. No previous knowledge required.

Price  £140 non-residential, £199 residential (en-suite)

Contact Alison Ogden for booking enquiries  |  01722 424826  |  01722 424800 (main reception)