Christian Spirituality 2

Arches of Fountain AbbeyIn today’s world, many people cannot accept the moral and religious certainties of earlier times. For them, traditional religious practices, church service and styles of prayer may seem inadequate, old-fashioned or outmoded.

Yet despite this questioning and rejection of traditional answers, it is clear that many people are asking urgent and searching questions about their lives. They want to make sense of what is happening in the world – to individuals, to society, and to the planet.

Sarum College seeks to respond to the search for spirituality which is one of the most striking aspects of our contemporary society and is vitally important to the life of the church, to the enrichment of theology, to ecumenism, to interfaith understanding and to discussion about public values.

“Coming to Sarum was a life-changing experience. I was truly embraced by a community of learning.”

Sue Armour, 2010

The college offers a number of ways to explore the subject. The MA in Christian Spirituality provides an in-depth programme of study from historical, theological, psychological and other points of view.

For those wishing to explore the connection between heart and mind in spiritual growth, the College offers several residential courses and conferences in Christian spirituality, some of which, like the ever-popular Heart of the Divine, have been running for several years. Indeed, Heart of the Divine has been so popular that participants have asked for further opportunities to explore themes in Christian spirituality. Continuing the Journey provides this opportunity for further and deeper reflection on the riches of the Christian spiritual tradition.