Graham Dodds

Graham Dodds has been the Canon Treasurer of Wells Cathedral since January 2010.

He originally trained as a singer, pianist and conductor at Trinity College, London. While in London he attended All Souls Langham Place and was part of a project in Drury Lane to write musicals with disadvantaged adults. Graham later moved to York where he worked in six rural churches and pursued a PGCEs at St John’s.

After studying theology at Trinity, Bristol Graham was ordained in Southwark Cathedral in 1984. He served in St Mary’s Church, Reigate, Surrey as curate, then Director of Lay Ministry and moved to Bath to be Rector of Walcot Parish Church in 1991. In 1996 he began work in ministry development in Bath & Wells from his new base in The Old Deanery, Wells. He completed a masters degree in Adult Education and Theology in 2001, made a Prebendary of Wells Cathedral in 2003 and Prinicpal of the Bath & Wells School of Formation in 2007.

In 2008 he completed a PhD in theology, particularly ecclesiology at Bristol University. He serves as Director of Learning Communities in the diocese (80%) and as part of the Cathedral Chapter (20%). Graham is married to Pauline and they have two daughters, Helen and Rosie.