Keith’s Window Appeal

Sarum’s Principal, Canon Keith Lamdin, is retiring this summer and longing to complete one major piece of renovation before he goes:

“We had been planning this summer to do all the windows on the West side of the building and the Baker Wing rooms, some of which are in desperate need not only of painting but repairing as well.

It isn’t glamorous but much of what we have done doesn’t seem to be and yet we know that paying attention to the building makes a huge difference to people’s experiences.

I would love to have the window work finished by the start of my successor, James Woodward’s tenure on October 1st so I am writing to ask if you will join me in making a one-off donation to help us raise enough money to get it done. Each window costs £500 to restore, or £375 with Gift Aid.

My time at Sarum has been great and I have decided to express my gratitude by making a donation of £1,000 to prime the pump for this Window Appeal. Will you join me? A monthly donation of £31 (with Gift Aid, £42 without) for a year would meet the cost of restoring one window.”

To make a donation, contact Christine Nielsen-Craig by email or telephone 01722 424812.