Renewing Ministry

Ministry is a rewarding and demanding vocation. Often we work in the community without normal support and supervision structures. We seek to live out and bring to people the values and vision of the Kingdom and yet there are so many issues in our world that confront us all.

We lead the people of God in worship and mission. All this and living on the job makes huge demands of vision, energy, courage and wisdom.

Here at Sarum we are an ecumenical centre for Christian study and research with a passion for learning that nourishes the human spirit. Welcoming people of all faiths and none, we offer space and time for enquiring minds to grow in wisdom.

While you’re here you’ll have a chance to unwind, be quiet and pray, sleep or walk, enjoy the Cathedral and its Close, browse in our library and read. If you also want talk with a ministry consultant or spiritual director, we can organise that as well.

  • Self-directed reflection, prayer and study
  • Mentored reflection
  • Guided study leaves and sabbaticals

If none of these options seem to fit with what you think you need, get in touch and talk to us. Whatever you do here we know you will leave with a sense of renewed ministry and your spirit fed.

To discuss our Renewing Ministry options contact Alison Ogden.
Email or telephone 01722 424826.

Mentored Reflection

We offer an hour-long consultation with an experienced mentor who will help you reflect about your ministry and vocation. The mentor may also suggest readings to define the structure and purpose of your stay. While you’re here you can use the library, have reduced rates on courses that are running during your stay, the daily pattern of worship at the Cathedral, en-suite bedrooms and lovely food, 10% discount at the bookshop, as well as the community life of a thriving college.

Guided Study Leaves and Sabbaticals

In addition to the above, we offer the opportunity to agree a focused area of study including tutorials with one of our academic staff who will guide your study and reading and seminar with you. You could explore whether you want this to lead to credit rated post graduate study or to enrolment on one of our master’s degree programmes.

We can offer experienced tutors in the fields of spirituality, liturgy, ministry, leadership, doctrine and Bible.

In addition to the daily worship and choral Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral, guests are welcome to join College prayers at 12.45pm each weekday.