Alistair Stewart

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Alistair C. Stewart is team vicar of Upton-cum-Chalvey. Previously he taught and researched at Codrington College, Barbados and the General Theological Seminary, New York, and was subsequently vicar of the Bridge Parishes in Dorset. He is also a fanatical follower of West Indian cricket.

Research Statement

My research is in the formation of Christian liturgy in the context of the Hellenistic world. My concern is to bring the distinct, but related, fields of early Christian studies (patristics), New Testament studies and liturgical history into dialogue with each other, particularly employing the tools of social history.

In 1987, in an undergraduate seminar in Birmingham, I formulated a hunch that Melito’s Peri Pascha was not the homily which I was being told it was, but a liturgical piece. I have spent the following twenty-five years following through the consequences of that insight. For if Peri Pascha was not the first Christian homily, what was? And if, as I concluded, Peri Pascha was a document which was quasi-eucharistic in character, what implications did that have for the history of the development of the eucharist? Answering these questions spawned further questions, neglected liturgical sources came to light which needed critical editions and reliable translations and which spawned further questions in turn, and so thirty years work began.

It continues, as I am presently working on a fresh version of the Testament of the Lord, one of the ancient church orders, and trying to figure out what exactly the church orders, the basis for much of my research (since they contain so much social-historical and liturgical information), were meant to do for their original audience(s). However, having advanced the field far enough to chart our ignorance with some accuracy, I am in a position to offer supervision for any graduate student interested in pursuing research in early Christian life and liturgy.


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