Anna-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh

Director of Studies, Centre for Formation in Ministry

+44 (0)1722 424814

Teaching and Research

My PhD research was in the interplay between Feminist Theology and Basil of Caesarea’s De Spiritu Sancto (a treatise on the Holy Spirit written around 376 in Capadocia – now Central Turkey). The PhD had an emphasis on the gifts of the Spirit and has been published as Searching for the Holy Spirit.  (Buy this from Sarum College Bookshop’s online shop.)

At Sarum I teach Biblical Studies. I have revived my interest in Hebrew and done some initial research in Isaiah, Romans and Matthew. I am looking into the interrelationship between the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. I also am researching the laws prohibiting taking interest on loans.

“Anna Claar is inspirational. I was so impressed with how she managed to deliver today’s course… I attend a number of training and study days, and few leave me feeling as stimulated as she does.”

— a student on the Great Grandmothers of Jesus (Nov 2016)


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