Andrew Todd

Coordinator for the Centre for Contemporary Spirituality and Programme Leader for the MA in Christian Spirituality

+44 (0)1722 424836

Andrew Todd is practical theologian and ethnographer, with particular interests in lived religion and spirituality.  He has a life-long engagement with Christian spirituality and is a Franciscan Tertiary and Anglican Priest (with experience of parish, chaplaincy and cathedral ministry).  He has also engaged, practically and theoretically, with the Cistercian tradition, and the work of Thomas Merton.

He has worked in theological education in different settings for more than twenty years (and is a past President of the Cambridge Theological Federation).  For the ten years before coming to Sarum College, he worked in Cardiff, at St Michael’s College (now St Padarn’s Institute) and Cardiff University.  He was Director of the Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies and has published widely in this field.  Work with chaplains led to research engagement with contemporary religion and spirituality, in public, multi-faith and informal contexts.

Current research includes participation in a Canada-UK research project, ‘Prayer as Transgression?’, which is an investigation of the contested place of prayer in public healthcare.  Planned future research will focus on the interaction of historic spirituality and its contemporary expressions.  One focus for such interaction is the contemporary interest in contemplative practice, which can act as an intersection between historic Christian spirituality, the practice of other faiths such as Buddhism, and contemporary practices such as mindfulness.

Andrew’s other spiritual and contemplative home is the mountains and hills of Cumbria (where he grew up), South Wales and the Alps.



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Book Chapters

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Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals

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Research Reports

  • (2015) Andrew Todd and Lee Tipton, What part does faith play in healthcare?  Research report to the Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith and Belief Group
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Commissioned Articles

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