Book Launch with James Steven

Join Sarum College Bookshop for the launch of James Steven’s book from the Joint Liturgical Studies, Ambrose of Milan on Baptism: A study of De Sacramentis and De Mysteriis.

Thursday 8 March 2018, 12.15pm to 1pm

James Steven is Academic Dean and Coordinator for the Centre for Liturgy and Worship at Sarum College. He is a leading scholar in the fields of contemporary worship and the theological dimensions of liturgical practice.

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
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Morning of Children’s Books and More!

Join Sarum College Bookshop for a morning with Salisbury author Pam Pointer and teacher and author David Gatward, authors of Help! I’m a New Mum! and Help! I’m a New Dad! – books of honest shouts and whispers to God about all things baby.

Tuesday 27 March, 11am to 12 noon

There will be displays of beautiful children’s books, for babies to teens, ideas for baptism presents and Easter cards.

Pam Pointer, is the author of a number of non-fiction books, plus two books of poetry. She also writes meditations, features and columns for various publications. She has broadcast Morning Thoughts for BBC Wiltshire, and enjoys speaking engagements in churches and with small groups.

Pam’s latest book, Help! I’m a New Mum!, published by Kevin Mayhew, is a book of honest shouts and whispers to God about all things baby – from labour to love, from panic to peace, from smells to smiles. The prayers are not always polite but they’re real and will prove a good companion for any new mum.

Pam is married with three adult daughters, three sons-in-law and five grandchildren. Her interests include photography, bird-watching, country walking, watching sport – particularly tennis, rugby and cricket – and keeping fit.

Pam blogs each week on her website.

David Gatward is an award-winning author with a national reputation as a creative writing tutor and motivational speaker, working with primary and secondary schools across the country. A qualified teacher and highly-experienced editor, David has worked in a wide range of child-centred fields, including an outdoor activity centre, children’s publishing, and Ofsted. He now divides his time between writing and visiting schools.

Fatherhood is a wondrous, insane, frustrating, bonkers, frightening, messy, upsetting, terrifying, all-consuming, life-affirming, blessing. Help! I’m a New Dad! is a collection of prayers from those first few months of welcoming a new life into the world. Honest, real, filled with laughter and tiredness, frustration and joy, the end result is the same: sharing what it is to be a dad with our own heavenly father.

Free, all welcome (incuding babies and toddlers)
There will be tea, coffee (inc. decaf), juice and chocolate brownies!
RSVP to or 01722 326899

Book of the Month: February 2018

Say it to God by Luigi Gioia

My immediate reaction to this book was – goodness not another book on prayer. My familiarity and complacency were soon dispelled by this compelling exploration of the nature of prayer. Written by a Roman Catholic Benedictine monk and teacher it is steeped in a deep inhabiting of the tradition and an honest struggle with this key element of the Christian life.

You will appreciate the quality of writing, short chapters, attention to the prayer in Scripture and a grounded approach about what is really means to pray. We are asked to examine our priorities, be honest about the distractions and boredom present in our discipleship and break into a different attitude to God. It is fresh, humane, grounded and real! Your sense of God and view of what God is like and how God is present will be broken open and reshaped.

This book will be my guide this Lent. Those of us who teach should learn from Gioia how to capture truth and express it with authenticity and love.  This book is my best BOM so far ……. Fresh and enlarging. Another book on prayer – yes and one of the best.

Reviewed by Canon James Woodward, Principle of Sarum College.

Say it to God is just £8.49 until 28th February 2018 (RRP £9.99). Available from our online shop + £2.50 postage, or mail order by phoning 01722 326899 or emailing

Bookshop Bestsellers: January 2018

  1. On the Third Day York Course Booklet by John Pritchard, York Courses £3.99
  2. Cover to Cover: At the Cross by Abby Guinness, CWR £5.99
  3. Being Disciples by Rowan Williams, SPCK £8.99
  4. Say it to God by Luigi Gioia, Bloomsbury £9.99
  5. A Letter for Lent by Patrick Coghlan, Kevin Mayhew £5.99
  6. Dust That Dreams of Glory by Michael Mayne (edited by Joel Huffstetler), Canterbury Press £10.99
  7. Turning for Home by Barney Norris, Transworld £14.99
  8. On the Third Day York Course Transcript by John Pritchard, York Courses £4.99
  9. The Art of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett, SPCK £9.99
  10. Palm Crosses (bag of 50), African Palms £9.99

Bookshop Bestsellers: December 2017

  1. New Daylight: January – April 2018 by Sally Welch, BRF £4.40
  2. Leading by Story by Vaughan Roberts, SCM Press £25
  3. Common Worship Lectionary 2018, Church House Publishing £4.99
  4. How to Avoid the Peace by Dave Walker, Canterbury Press £8.99
  5. Love, Remember by Malcolm Guite, Canterbury Press £12.99
  6. Daily Bread: January – April 2018, Scripture Union £4.49
  7. Dave Walker Calendar 2018 by Dave Walker, Canterbury Press £6.99
  8. Reflections for Daily Prayer 2018, Church House Publishing £16.99
  9. Writes of the Church by Gary Alderson, BRF £6.99
  10. SPCK & Common Worship Lectionary 2018, SPCK £4.99

Dust That Dreams of Glory: Reflections on Lent and Holy Week

Join Sarum College Bookshop for the launch of Dust That Dreams of Glory, the latest book based on the previously unpublished work of Michael Mayne.

Thursday 8 February at 4pm

Michael Mayne was the former Dean of Westminster, and Head of Religious Programmes, BBC Radio.

The book is edited and introduced by Dr Joel Huffstetler, a leading scholar of Michael Mayne’s work. Joel will talk about his work in putting together this and the other two books of the recent trilogy.

He is the editor of To Trust and to Love: Sermons and Addresses; God’s Consoling Love: Sermons and Addresses; and Prayer as well as the critically acclaimed literary biography of Michael Mayne, Gratitude and Grace. He is rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
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Book of the Month: January 2018

The Indecent Death of a Madam by Simon Parke

Stormhaven, the least Trip Advised bit of beach in Sussex, has another corpse; and the members of the Etiquette Society, who people the list of suspects, are down by one. One of those still alive is a retired Desert Father.

In this, the darkest of his Abbot Peter murder stories, Simon Parke appears almost, if not entirely, to disconnect his principal protagonist from whatever ties he previously had with God, who is only mentioned twice throughout the book and then not by Peter himself.

If Peter’s monastic past and presumed vocation are in retreat, if his outline is now more uncertain than in any of the preceding books, he is not alone.  Nowhere, nothing, is what they seemed at first.  Stormhaven is no haven against the storm, rather (Parke’s readers know by now) its very denial of them appears to attract them: who would suspect this deed, in this place? Indeed its worst detritus, the abandoned place of refuge – the asylum – ‘became a crime scene the moment they decided to close it down …’

Parke is, in his own words, an introvert: this is not a story written purely to entertain. The subtext is polemic and the choice of site for the murder is important. Explicitly or otherwise, most of Parke’s characters have points to make: through their fictional existence he makes his own point.  The feeling in each that the world needs him, her, to put it right has its roots in early years leaving variously poisoned sap in judge, editor, retired Army officer – even Peter, even Tamsin, his Detective Inspector niece.  Equally in the past is the root cause of the murder itself: it was called Care in the Community.

Not an easy book – none of this series is particularly easy – but if you prefer a who dunnit to have depth, to be more than a clever puzzle, this is for you.

Reviewed by Julia Taylor 

The Indecent Death of a Madam is just £8.49 until 31st January 2018 (RRP £9.99). Available from our online shop + £2.50 postage, or mail order by phoning 01722 326899 or emailing

Everything You Need to be Ready for Lent

Join Sarum College Bookshop for an afternoon with everything you need to be ready for Lent.

Thursday 11 January, 3pm to 5pm

James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College, will review the best of the new books and lent courses this year.

Artist and author Tessa Wilkinson and musician and author Jan Brind, both authors of a number of books in the popular Creative Ideas series, will have simple and practical ideas to use with all age worship, messy church and family services as well as some different ideas for hymns to use during Lent.

Get ahead of the game!

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
RSVP to or 01722 326899

Book of the Month: December 2017

Unearthly Beauty by Magdalen Smith

Too often the church and our faith seem preoccupied with our own rather incomprehensible narratives as the energy seems to draw us inwards. These are difficult and demanding times with great change as some churches struggle to survive. So easily can we become anxious and distracted. This is a really wonderfully realistic and outward looking exploration of 24 Saints – some familiar and some less known – whose lives and faith are narrated for us and for the expanding of our spiritual horizons. The short chapters are readable, practical and profoundly grounded in the world as we experience it. You will be enlightened and enriched by a range of stories as we are challenged to glimpse holiness in a new and different way.

I specially appreciated the way in which each of the chapters draw the reader into prayer – taking us out of our own world into a passionate affirmation of grace and hope. I really love this book and especially enjoyed getting to know (amongst the other saints) Ambrose, Lucy, Elizabeth, the Innkeeper and Thomas Becket. It is beautifully written and captures so much of why we need to keep faithful and know always in the ups and downs of our modern world that the kingdom of God is near.

Reviewed by James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College

Unearthly Beauty is just £8 until 31 December 2017 (RRP £8.99). Available from our online shop + £2.50 postage, or mail order by phoning 01722 326899 or emailing

N.B. The bookshop is closed from 4:45pm on Friday 22nd December 2017 and will reopen at 9am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Any orders placed after 12 noon on Friday 22nd December will be sent out in early January 2018.