Sunday Pause for Thought: Eleventh Sunday After Trinity

These lectionary resources were originally written for RSCM Sunday by Sunday magazine and are reprinted here with their kind permission.

Saying yes to Jesus leads straight into a practical role.

Peter, the rock, signifies the church in its day-to-day life – its ultimate victory on behalf of God is sure. We are reminded in the Old Testament readings that the greatness of God dwarfs us all and that we are constantly being challenged to choose death or life. Paul tells us that we should be a distinctive presence – in the world but not of it. Perhaps we should reassess our sense of importance before God. We pray that confession of Christ leads us to an active part in his purpose.


Exodus 1.8 – 2.10 The Israelites in Egypt are oppressed; Moses is born
Psalm 124 Our help is in the Lord, who made heaven and earth
Romans 12.1–8 Present your bodies as holy, for we are members together
Matthew 16.13–20 Peter declares Jesus to be the Messiah

Book Launch: Re-Imagining the Bible for Today

Sarum College Bookshop and SCM Press invite you to a talk and book launch of Re-Imagining the Bible for Today with authors Anne-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh, Sigrid Coenradie and Bert Dicou.

Friday 6 October at 4pm

The early 21st century has seen an unexpected rise of new or rediscovered ways of reading the Bible, both in academic circles and in churches, with surprising results. These ancient texts appear to have a message that resonates with discussions in society at large. This textbook seeks to reclaim the Bible for a Christianity that is open to society and keen on participating in conversation about today’s major issues; a Christianity that is relevant to the personal spirituality of people who aren’t too sure what to believe and how to exercise faith.

“A Wonderful book, bringing people into honest conversation with the Bible and the world” – David Holgate, Canon for Theology and Mission and Sub-Dean, Manchester Cathedral

Anne-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh is Director of Studies for the Centre for Formation in Ministry at Sarum College and well known for her lively and original Bible studies.

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
To book telephone 01722 326899 or email

Sunday Pause for Thought: Tenth Sunday After Trinity

These lectionary resources were originally written for RSCM Sunday by Sunday magazine and are reprinted here with their kind permission.

The Tenth Sunday after Trinity/The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost/The Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Common Worship Lectionary

Proper 15

Genesis 45.1–15 Joseph is reconciled to his brothers
Psalm 133 How good it is when kindred live together in unity!
Romans 11.1–2a, 29–32 God has given the Law so he can be merciful to all
Matthew 15.[10–20] 21–28 The Canaanite woman’s son is healed

Human beings seem always to be putting limits of some kind on our sense of God’s love for creation. Paul reminds us that in the light of Christ we can hold on to a conviction of the role of Christ for everyone. This is a lord and master who serves all, and who seeks to rescue us from our brokenness. The Canaanite woman serves as a test case for Jesus’ ministry of rescue to all. She perseveres and her need is met. Do we need to persevere more doggedly in our faith in God and not be discouraged?

Book Launch: That Other Voice by Graham Turner

Sarum College Bookshop and Darton, Longman and Todd invite you to a book launch with the Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, for That Other Voice: In search of a God who Speaks by Graham Turner.

Monday 2 October at 5.30pm

That Other Voice tells the story of a journey, by Graham Turner – a senior journalist for nearly fifty years – in search of an answer to the ultimate spiritual mystery: whether God, or a higher power of some kind, can communicate with us directly. His quest took him to many parts of India and to Jordan, and across Britain, and included conversations with the Dalai Lama’s brother in his Himalayan home, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, a community of Sufi Muslims, a Hindu orthopaedic surgeon, and with leading Rabbis Lord Jonathan Sacks and Jonathan Romain.

His answer would be found much closer to home.

Graham Turner was the BBC’s first economics correspondent and a senior reporter and feature writer for the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, The Money Programme and Panorama. He has written several books including the popular The Power of Silence.

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
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Book Launch: A Christian Theology of Chaplaincy

Join Sarum College Bookshop and Jessica Kingsley Publishers to launch A Christian Theology of Chaplaincy edited by John Caperon, Andrew Todd and James Walters.

Thursday 28 September at 12pm

Offering a practice-based theological reflection on chaplaincy, this book examines the current significance of chaplaincy within the ministry of the Church. It offers a discussion of the theological grounding of chaplaincy, before exploring its importance as a form of ministry in the 21st century.

Andrew Todd is Coordinator for the Centre for Contemporary Spirituality and Programme Leader for the MA in Christian Spirituality at Sarum College.

“This book offers helpful ideas, models, images, and experiences to think with, and it has the capacity to inspire ministries of meaning and practical action in diverse settings of our complex society.” – David F Ford, University of Cambridge

Free and open to all, refreshments provided
To book email or telephone 01722 326899

Bookshop Bestsellers: July 2017

Below is the list of the top ten bestsellers in Sarum College Bookshop in July.

  1. Common Worship Lectionary 2017-2018, Church House Publishing £4.99
  2. The Future Shapes of Anglicanism by Martyn Percy, Taylor & Francis £26.99
  3. SPCK & Common Worship Lectionary 2018, SPCK £4.99
  4. The Church Book and Desk Diary 2018, Canterbury Press Norwich £19.99
  5. Realms of Glory by Catherine Fox, SPCK £9.99
  6. Sounding the Seasons by Malcolm Guite, Canterbury Press Norwich £9.99
  7. Fierce Imaginings by Rachel Mann, Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd £12.99
  8. Common Worship: Marriage, Church House Publishing £2.99
  9. Re-Imagining the Bible for Today by Anne Claar Thomasson-Rosingh, SCM Press £19.99
  10. Making the Most of Your Church Wedding by Ally Barrett, SPCK £4.99

Book of the Month: August 2017

Cycling Out of the Comfort Zone by Charles Guilhamon

Cycling out of the Comfort Zone is a travelogue with a difference. Charles Guilhamon (the author) and Gabriel de Lepinau spent a year travelling to isolated and often persecuted Christian communities. The aim of this trip ? To discover their Christian brothers. It seems such a simple premise and, on one level, it is simple but there are so many layers to their mission that this book is far from a simple travel story.

I’m not sure which aspect of the book I enjoyed the most. It provides glimpses of different forms of Christian community and worship throughout the world. It is in many ways a spiritual diary; chronicling the effect of the journey and friends made along on the way. It really opened my eyes to persecution happening in areas that I thought to be fundamentally peaceful. And finally it is a snapshot of the Middle East and other areas in 2009-2010 before political developments changed and displaced the communities visited.

The author Charles and his friend Gabriel started in Paris and made their way through Europe, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, India, Nepal, China, Tibet, Thailand, the Amazon, Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria and back to France. A diverse and fascinating route around the world to areas that for many people are unreachable, that being the point.

I have to mention it was hard to keep hold of this book. I take whatever book I am reading everywhere I go and everywhere I went someone would inevitably pick it up say “this looks really interesting” and ask to borrow it. You will find in this book something that fascinates and inspires you. I really loved this book, it is quite hard to describe how and why and I’m very confident that everyone picking it up will enjoy it for different reasons. However I will definitely read it again and I suggest anyone reads it at least once.

Reviewed by Lynette White, Duty Manager at Sarum College

Cycling Out of the Comfort Zone is just £8.99 until August 31st 2017 (RRP £9.99) and POST FREE from the shop or £6.49 from our online shop + £2.50 postage. Order by phoning 01722 326899 or emailing