Sarum College Bookshop Manager Feted on Downing Street for Small Business Saturday

Jenny Monds outside Number 11 Downing StreetSarum College Bookshop Manager Jenny Monds was surprised and delighted when she received an invitation to a Downing Street reception for Small Business Saturday on Friday December 6th.

The bookshop was chosen as one of 100 small businesses around the country to be featured in the run up to the UK’s first Small Business Saturday last week, December 7th.

The invitation was to afternoon tea at no. 11, hosted by Matthew Hancock, Minister for Business Skills and Enterprise.

100 representitives from 100 small businesses around the country to be featured


“It was a real boost for the 100 representatives of small businesses, and we were celebrated for our role in sustaining a healthy UK economy,” said Jenny.

The event was attended by MP and Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade Vince Cable and Chancellor George Osborne.

Paul Hoggart Book Launch at Sarum College

An enthusiastic crowd were captured by Paul Hoogart launching his first novel ‘ A Man Against A Background of Flames’ on Tuesday evening.

As the novel is set in Salisbury and its surrounding villages it felt fitting for the launch to take place within the grounds of the Cathedral Close.  The audience were treated to Paul bringing his book to life by reading aloud extracts in character.

Paul Hoggart has written for The Times, The Guardian and the Telegraph.

Contact Sarum College Bookshop on 01722 326899 or to order a copy of ‘A Man Against A Background of Flames’ for £9.99.

Bookshop Bestsellers November 2013

This month is dominated with the run up to Advent with many of the courses and poetry being popular reads. Janet Morley’s ‘Haphazard by Starlight’ has proven to be equally as liked as her Lent book, ‘The Heart’s Time’.  Michael Mayne’s ‘Prayer’ and ‘God’s Consoling Love’ are reaffirming what a prolific spiritual writer he was.

1. Haphazard by Starlight by Janet Morley, SPCK £9.99

2. Pilgrim: Turning to Christ: Follow (1) by Stephen Cottrell et al, Church House Publishing £5.99

3. Born of a Virgin? by Andrew Lincoln, SPCK £25

4. God’s Consoling Love by Michael Mayne, Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd. £7.99

5. The Echo of God by David Adam, Kevin Mayhew Publishers £8.99 

6. Pilgrim: The Lord’s Prayer: Follow (2) by Stephen Cottrell et al, Church House Publishing £5.99

5. Echoing the Word by Paula Gooder, SPCK £10.99

7. Discernment by Henri Nouwen, SPCK £12.99

8. Rules for Reverends by Jeremy Fletcher and Henri Nouwen, BRF £5.99

9. Prayer by Michael Mayne, Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd. £6.99

9.  Sacred Space for Advent and Lent by The Irish Jesuits, Ave Maria Press £2.99

10. Beyond Common Worship by Mark Earey, SCM Press £16.99

Book of the Month: December 2013

9781408825952Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death by James Runcie (2013)

Regular readers of this genre of fiction will know that private detectives come in many  shapes and sizes – think Poirot, Mma Ramotswe, Lord Peter Wimsey – but James Runcie has created another rather unusual sleuth in the unlikely shape of the very tall, slender (and young!) Canon Sidney Chambers.  His work, as Vicar of Grantchester, and visiting fellow at Corpus Christi, should be enough to keep him fully occupied, but he finds himself unwillingly drawn into investigations of several unexpected crimes.

Though not a demanding read, the ingenious contrivance of the plots is always entertaining, and the central character very sympathetically drawn. Rather scant attention is paid to his parochial life and responsibilities, but the ambiance of 1950’s Cambridge and London is clearly evoked.

This novel is the first in a projected series of six books, so one may well expect that some of the characters met here will reappear throughout Canon Chambers’ further investigative exploits as he moves into later decades.  Don’t expect the wit and elegance of Dorothy  Sayers, or the psychological insight of  P.D.James, but if you are looking for a relaxing, enjoyable and at times intriguing amateur detective novel, then SHADOW OF DEATH is for you.

Reviewed by Sonia Woolley

As Book of the Month for December it is just £6.50 and POST FREE until 31st December 2013.

Learnings from Leading

This series of 13 short videos are from a talk Keith Lamdin, Principal of Sarum College gave to the clergy of the Barking episcopal area.

With thanks to Johnny from All Saints Woodford Wells who recorded the talk.

Part 1: We all lead, it is essential to human self esteem, but when that natural human ability is attached to a position of leadership then leadership is hard.

Part 3: Stay curious and passionate at the same time

Part 5: Nurture discontent

Part 7: Vision and purpose are different and you need to attend to both

Part 9: Recruiting new colleagues is very important

Part 11: Believe in what you cannot easily see – the unconscious and the spiritual

Part 13: The future of the organisation is much more important than your future

Part 2: Embodiment and breath and voice are three of the most important aspects of your leading

Part 4: Handle the opposing forces of optimism and reality

Part 6: Practise courage that comes with wisdom

Part 8: Do not leave it to get better on its own

Part 10: Find key people you can trust – either inside or outside the organisation

Part 12: Never stop learning about yourself, your motivations, your blind spots and buttons that can be pushed, your delusions both of grandeur and of uselessness