Book Launch with Mark Earey

MarkEareyBLMark Earey will be in Sarum College Bookshop on Tuesday 15 October, 5.30pm, launching his new book, Beyond Common Worship: Anglican Identity and Liturgical Diversity.

The introduction of Common Worship services from 1997 onwards has gone remarkably smoothly, considering the immensity of the task. But all is not well. Despite its overall success, the sheer variety of material has meant that for many parishes, clergy and Readers, Common Worship has come to feel complicated, technical and cumbersome.

In many parishes this is becoming crucial: a question such as, ‘How do we use Common Worship for a Eucharistic service in Messy Church?’ focuses the issue – but it is a question being asked in different ways in lots of different places. The answer thus far from the Fresh Expressions movement itself has been, ‘All the flexibility you need is in Common Worship’ – but this answer is looking increasingly naïve in the light of actual practice.

Mark Earey is Co-Director of the Centre for Ministerial Formation and Tutor in Liturgy and Worship at the Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham. He is the author of a number of books including Finding your way around common worship and Worship that cares.

Free entry, all welcome, refreshments provided

For more information or to RSVP email or telephone 01722 326899

Talk and Book Launch with Timothy Beardson

TimBeardsonBLTimothy Beardson captivated an audience of 40 guests introducing his book ‘Stumbling Giant: The Threats to China’s Future’.

The talk provided an interesting insight into China’s current and future global development. Canon Bruce Duncan introduced the financier and also chaired the evening. There was an enthralling questions and answers section afterwards which, sadly Canon Duncan had to draw to a close as there were clearly more questions to be asked. Answers of which, no doubt, can be found in the book.

Timothy Beardson is a financier living principally in Hong Kong. He speaks frequently to governments, universities, boards and central banks on economic and strategic issues.

We still have copies of the book for a limited time only with an introductory offer of 10% off.

Contact Sarum College Bookshop to place an order  |  01722 326899

Congratulations to our Competition Prize Winners!

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Thank you to the suppliers of our prizes, SPCK, SCM Canterbury Press, Kevin Mayhew and Sarum College Bookshop. The winning tie-breaker was: “I like Sarum College Bookshop because… it is always there as a space to browse, delve and discover, guided by a helpful team of friendly staff”.

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31ST JULY 2013 (now postponed to October)

Bookshop Bestsellers August 2013

1. A Call To Serve by Stefan Von Kempis, SPCK  £12.99

2. The Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman, Lion Hudson £15.99

3. Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby! by Martha Mumford, Bloomsbury £6.99

4. Discernment by Henri Nouwen, SPCK £12.99

5. Woodbine Willie by Bob Holman, Lion Hudson £9.99

6. The Art of Worship by Nicolas Holtam, Yale University Press £12.99

7. Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death by James Runcie, Bloomsbury £7.99

8. Ancient & Modern: Full Music Edition by Tim Ruffer, Canterbury Press Norwich £30

9.  Archbishop Justin Welby : The Road to Canterbury by Andrew Atherstone, Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd. £7.99

10. Creation, Power and Truth by Tom Wright, SPCK £9.99



Book of the Month: September 2013

9780745955612.jpg.400x0_q20Woodbine Willie by Bob Holman (2013)

“Woodbine Willie” was the affectionate name given to the Reverend G. A. Studdert Kennedy MC (1883-1929) by the men with whom he served in France during the Great War 1914-18. Stationed initially in a railway siding in Rouen, it was his custom to spend many hours in the canteen with the men awaiting transport to the front, and then go with them to the train distributing Bibles from one haversack and Woodbine cigarettes from another. He is, perhaps, the most celebrated army padre of all time, and he happens also to be one of my Heroes of Faith.

So when I first came across this new biography, two thoughts initially crossed my mind: is he really “an unsung hero of World War One” as the subtitle would have us know; and is there room for yet another book in the canon of literature on this great man? After all, there was the first book, By His Friends, published immediately after his early death in 1929 at the age of 45. 1962 saw the publication of William Purcell’s Woodbine Willie, republished in 1983 to mark the centenary of his birth, followed in 1997 by Michael Grundy’s A Fiery Glow in the Darkness

It was wonderful, then, to find that this excellent new book does indeed contain some original material and new insights. But even if that were not so, this is a story that cannot fail to inspire. And so it is a story that is worth telling and retelling, simply in the hope that it will reach a wider audience and enthuse a new generation. Holman rises admirably to that challenge.

Reviewed by Tim Heaton, author of “The Long Road to Heaven: A Lent Course Based on the Film The Way”, to be published by Circle Books on 25 October.

Published by Lion, Woodbine Willie  is normally priced £9.99. Mention the website to order at the special price of £8.99 and POST FREE until September 30th 2013.