Bookshop Bestsellers July 2013

1. Ancient & Modern: hymns and songs for refreshing worship Words Edition £12.50

2.  Common Worship Lectionary 2013 – 2014 Church House Publishing £4.99

3. The Bible  by Paula Gooder.  Oneworld Publications £9.99

4.  Saint Benedict in his Time by Richard Newman.  Three Peaks Press, £9.99

5. Heaven by Paula Gooder.  SPCK, £9.99

6.  Archbishop Justin Welby: the Road to Canterbury by Andrew Atherstone. Dartman, Longman and Todd £7.99

7. Everyday God by Paula Gooder. SCM Canterbury Press, £8.99

8. Women and Men in Scripture and the Church: a Guide to the issues edited by Steven Croft & Paula Gooder.  Canterbury Press, £7.99

9.  Good News Bible Sunrise Collins £15.99

10. The Lectionary 2014 CW & BCP SPCK £4.99

Book of the Month: August 2013

A Call to Serve: the inside story of Pope Francis by Stefan Von Kempis and Philip F. Lawler (2013)

Pope Francis is surprisingly reticent: his only ‘interviews’ lie in his sermons.  But what this book does surprisingly well is to highlight the keys to his character, and therefore to his public ministry. It is the ‘back-story’ of a young chemist who became a priest; who loves Beethoven, Borges’ writings, and the Danish film ‘Babette’s Feast’.    His immediate actions following his election form a frame for the future: heading back to his guesthouse to settle his bill; not wanting to live in the Papal Palace but to try to remain as he had been in Buenos Aires, where he was a man who travelled by bus, did his own shopping, cleaning, cooking. Now he lives as close as he can to the workers, among whom he celebrates the daily Eucharist. He washed the feet of the poor at Easter, and he tends to prisoners of all colours and faiths, “I believe in [man] in his dignity and greatness.” His vision is to renew the Church and to serve the world.    In Buenos Aires, he encouraged his priests always to “make contact with the families who do not come to us”. How? ‘We organise missions in public squares, where many people usually gather: we pray, we celebrate the Eucharist, we offer Baptism which we administer after a brief preparation.”          Quotations that will stay with me: “We try to reach out to people far away, via digital means: the Web and text messaging.”   “The Church must head for the periphery, bringing Christ to the people on the margins. We need to avoid the spiritual sickness of a Church that is self-centred. If the Church remains closed in, self-centred, it will grow old. And if I had to choose between a bumpy Church that goes out into the streets, and a sick, self-centred Church, I would definitely choose the former.”     I believe we would all agree, and work for that way of being church.                      

Mrs Lavender Buckland LLM

Published by SPCK, ‘A Call to Serve’ is normally  priced at £12.99.  Mention the website to order a copy for only £11.99 with FREE POSTAGE , until 31st August 2013.

Salisbury Pilgrimage Weekend

SalsHeritageWEComplete your summer by spending a pilgrimage weekend at Sarum College situated in the beautiful medieval Cathedral Close in Salisbury.

Friday 13 to Monday 16 September 2013

The Salisbury pilgrimage weekend includes:

  • Tour of Salisbury’s Cathedral Close
  • Visit to Mompesson House
  • Rex Whistler Exhibition at Salisbury Museum
  • Sample the delights of the Salisbury Food and Drink Festival
  • Explore the charming medieval city
  • Supper in a private home in the Cathedral Close

Sarum College has recently completed a major refurbishment programme and is now able to offer 40 en-suite bedrooms. Pilgrims will be assured of a comfortable stay during the weekend in a friendly and helpful environment.

Residential  £335 for 2 persons sharing; £205 1 person
Non-residential  £75 per person

For all booking enquiries contact Linda Cooper
Email or telephone 01722 424800

Stewards of the Earth Exhibition

Photographs by Ash Mills Photography

Stewards of the EarthAs debates over the human impact on the planet rage on, our fascination with the natural world remains constant.

This exhibition calls upon artists, practitioners, and intellectuals to respond to the wonders of creation and our role in caring for the environment. It recently featured in a full page review in the 15 November issue of The Church Times.

Contributing artists include: Sheona Beaumont, Ben Crawshaw, Benita Kevill Davies, Chris Drury, Laurence Dubé-RushbyRobyn Golden-Hann, Sophie Hacker, Tim Harrisson, Tracey Sheppard FGE, George Smith and Roger Stephens.

The exhibition is free and open daily Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm until Friday 6 December 2013.

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