Encircling the Christian Year: Book Launch with Barbara Mosse

Our latest book launch took place 13 September.

It was a bitter sweet occasion, as we were also saying ‘Goodbye’ to the author, our colleague Barbara Mosse, who is leaving us after six years on the academic staff.

About 15 people gathered to hear Barbara talk about her attractive book ‘Encircling the Christian Year: Liturgies and Reflections for the Seasons of the Church’.

Whether you need some inspiring words before a time of worship, a solid backbone to start a sermon, insights to read in your small group, or a saintly start to each Sunday ‘Encircling the Christian Year’ has it all and more. The ready-to-use style and simple structure means this resourceful book could be taken to every Sunday activity and used with confidence and ease.

The book also includes appropriate packages for every Christian festival in the calendar, allowing for more detailed reflection on the big Christian events.

Written by the experienced Barbara Mosse, this book incorporates everything you’ll need to accompany you through the Christian year.

The book is available from Sarum College Bookshop – call in or ask us to post.

Bookshop Bestsellers July 2012

1.  New Daylight Sept – Dec 2012 Popular Bible Reading notes £4.00

2. Common Worship Lectionary 2012 – 2013  £4.99

3. Finding Your Leadership Style by Keith Lamdin, Principal of Sarum College  £9.99 (£8.99 in August)

 4. How God Became King (Based on the 2011 Sarum Theological Lectures) £12.99

5. History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor.  The book of the Radio Four series.  £9.99

6.World- Shaped Misson  by Janice Price £12.99

7. Fresh Expressions in the Mission of the Church £14.99

8. Everyday God by the ever popular Paula Gooder £8.99

9. Room With a View by Bishop Nicholas now just £4.95

10. Leaving the Reason Torn: Rethinking the Cross and Resurrection Through R.S. Thomas by former student Alison Goodlad £12.95

Book of the Month: Finding Your Leadership Style

Finding Your Leadership Style

Finding Your Leadership StyleFinding Your Leadership Style: a guide for ministers

Keith Lamdin


This book is a little gem for the busy minister, distilling a remarkable amount of wisdom and insight into around 100 pages. It would be possible to read it at a sitting although it is also well worth digesting reflectively over a longer period of time. It is not a textbook or ‘how to’ manual but almost a meditation on the nature of leadership in a Christian context.

The book is the latest addition to the SPCK Library of Ministry, a series of books on practical aspects of ministry. It is written out of Keith Lamdin’s first hand experience, as a Baptist minister, as a parish priest, as Director of Training in the Diocese of Oxford, and most recently as Principal of Sarum College. In it he draws together observations from a lifetime of ministry and the material is down to earth and convincing, with plenty of quote-worthy examples and engaging anecdotes to keep the pace lively.

The book offers six possible paradigms for leadership in ministry: the Monarch, the Warrior, the Servant, the Elder, the Contemplative, and the Prophet. Unlike some other books in the genre it is not ‘value neutral’ about the different models and styles it describes. There are clear warnings attached, particularly to the ‘Monarch’ and the ‘Warrior’ styles of leadership and the potential pitfalls are carefully examined, drawing on anthropological and psychological perspectives. Perhaps unsurprisingly it is the paradigm of the leader as Servant which is given the most detailed and approving treatment, although criticisms of this style are also thoughtfully weighed.

Even if you already have a number of books on leadership adorning your shelves there is good reason to make room for one more – or it buy it as an ordination gift for someone who is about to embark on public ministry themselves.

Reviewed by Jane Charman

Director of Learning for Discipleship and Ministry, Diocese of Salisbury

 Published by SPCK, “Finding Your Leadership Style” is normally priced £9.99.  Mention the website to order a copy at the special price of £8.99 and POST FREE  from Sarum College Bookshop until August  31st 2012.