2012 Niblett Memorial Lecture

Frank Field, MPSaturday 20 October 2012, 5pm

Drinks 6.30pm / Dinner 7pm

The lecture is free.  Drinks and dinner are £15.
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Advance booking is required. To book your place email courses@dev.sarum.ac.uk or phone 01722 424800

Frank Field will speak on his poverty review report, The Foundation Years: Preventing Poor Children Becoming Poor Adults submitted to the Prime Minister in 2010.


Niblett Memorial Lecture speakers are drawn from some aspect of public service and invited to reflect on the place of faith and/or ethics in their particular area of service.

The lecture is held annually in honour of Professor Roy Niblett CBE and a fellow at Sarum College, who died in 2005.

A distinguished and influential presence in British higher education for more than 50 years, Professor Niblett’s contribution to Christian thought and the life of the churches in this country was also considerable. A person of deep conviction, his work was distinguished by rigour, reason and a willingness to listen and exchange, which he regarded not as a potential hazard to faith, but as an essential expression of faith.

Niblett’s presence among Sarum Fellows was a powerful reminder to the College that at the heart of Sarum’s purpose is the promotion of dialogue on the profound religious, social and moral issues of our times.

About Frank Field

In 1979 Frank was elected Member of Parliament for Birkenhead and has since displayed a unique attachment to his constituency. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the University Academy of Birkenhead, and Chair of the Liverpool City Region Poverty and Life Chances Commission.

Prior to serving as an MP, from 1969-79, Frank worked as Director of the Child Poverty Action Group, during which time it became one of the premier pressure groups in the country. From 1997-1998, he served as Minister for Welfare Reform. In 2010, in recognition of his expertise in the fields of poverty and welfare, Frank was appointed Chair of the Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances. His dedication to the importance of Early Years education in preventing poor children becoming poor adults remains one of his key commitments.

Since 2005, Frank has been Chairman of the Cathedral Fabrics Commission for England, the planning authority for English cathedrals. He is also Chairman of the King James Bible Trust, which was established to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Authorised Version last year.

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New Library Books – March 2012

Please contact the library if you would like to borrow any of these books

Social Research      
001.42 SCH SCHAREN, Christian Batalden Ethnography as Christian theology and ethics Continuum 2011
171.1 PIN PINCHES, Charles Robert Unsettling arguments : a Festschrift on the occasion of Stanley Hauerwas’s 70th birthday Cascade Books 2010
171.8 NEU NEUSNER, Jacob Altruism in world religions Georgetown University 2005
172.4 HAU HAUERWAS, Stanley War and the American difference : theological reflections on violence and national identity Baker Academic 2011
Nature of God      
212 SOS SOSKICE, Janet Martin The kindness of God : metaphor, gender, and religious language Oxford University Press 2007
Science and Religion    
215 MAH MAHONEY, Jack Christianity in evolution : an exploration Georgetown University Press 2011
220.6 LIE LIEB, Michael The Oxford handbook of the reception history of the Bible Oxford University Press 2011
Old Testament      
223.2 FIR FIRTH, David Interpreting the Psalms : issues and approaches Inter-Varsity Press 2005
224 STU STULMAN, Louis You are my people : an introduction to prophetic literature Abingdon 2010
224.1 FIR FIRTH, David G. Interpreting Isaiah : issues and approaches Apollos 2009
224.1 STR STROMBERG, Jake Introduction to the study of Isaiah T & T Clark 2011
New Testament      
225.61 THE THEISSEN, Gerd The New Testament : a literary history Fortress 2011
225.9 BAU BAUCKHAM, Richard The Jewish world around the New Testament Baker Academic 2010
225.91 TRA TRAVIS, Stephen The Galilee that Jesus knew Grove books 2012
226.06 DUN DUNN, James D. G. Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels Eerdmans 2011
226.2 HAU HAUERWAS, Stanley Matthew SCM Press 2006
226.6 ALE ALEXANDER, Loveday Acts Bible Reading Fellowship 2006
226.6 PER PERVO, Richard I. The mystery of Acts : unraveling its story Polebridge 2008
227 MOY MOYISE, Steve Paul and Scripture SPCK 2010
227 NEE NEED, Stephen W. Paul today : challenging readings of Acts and the Epistles Cowley Publications 2007
227.1 PER PERRIMAN, Andrew the future of the people of God : reading Romans before and after Western Christendom Cascade Books 2010
227.1 WAG WAGNER, J. Ross Heralds of the good news : Isaiah and Paul in concert in the letter to the Romans Brill 2003
230.0905 ASTLEY, Jeff SCM studyguide to Christian doctrine SCM Press 2010
230.09052 MYE MYERS, Benjamin Christ the stranger : the theology of Rowan Williams T & T Clark 2012
230.3 CHA CHAPMAN, Mark D. Anglican theology T & T Clark 2012
The Trinity      
231 LAN MARMION, Declan Trinity and salvation : theological, spiritual and aesthetic perspectives Peter Lang 2009
232.9 BON BOND, Helen K. The historical Jesus : a guide for the perplexed T & T Clark 2012
234.164 OSB OSBORNE, Kenan B. The permanent diaconate : its history and place in the sacrament of orders Paulist Press 2007
242.09 KAR KARNES, Michelle Imagination, meditation, and cognition in the Middle Ages University of Chicago Press 2011
242.1 TRA TRAHERNE, Thomas Commentaries of heaven part 1 : abhorrence to alone D.S. Brewer 2007
242.1 TRA TRAHERNE, Thomas Commentaries of heaven part 2 : al-sufficient to bastard D.S. Brewer 2007
Religion and The Arts    
246.8 LYN LYNCH, Gordon Religion, media and culture : a reader Routledge 2012
251 DUR DURBER, Susan Preaching like a woman SPCK 2007
251 GRE GREEN, Joel B. Narrative reading, narrative preaching : reuniting New Testament interpretation and proclamation Baker Academic 2003
253 GAN GANIEVA, Lucia Tiltenberg Mets & Schilt 2009
253 SCH SCHUURMAN, Douglas J. Vocation : discerning our callings in life W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co. 2004
253.07 SIM SIMPSON, Rick Supervising a curate : a short guide to a complex task Grove books 2012
253.3 GRE GREER, Joanne Marie Sexual issues : understanding and advising in a Christian context Kevin Mayhew 2010
253.7 GAY GAY, Doug Remixing the church : the five moves of emerging ecclesiology SCM Press 2011
262.001 NIC NICHOLS, Aidan Rome and the Eastern Churches : a study in schism Ignatius Press 2010
Worship and Liturgy      
264 WIT WITVLIET, John D. Worship seeking understanding : windows into Christian practice Baker Academic 2003
264.023 SMO SMOLARSKI, Dennis Chester How not to say Mass : a guidebook on liturgical principles and the Roman missal Paulist Press 2003
264.025 MAR MARTIN, Kenneth J. The forgotten instruction : The Roman liturgy, inculturation and legitimate adaptations Liturgy Training Publications 2007
265.3 JOH JOHNSON, Maxwell E. Issues in Eucharistic praying in East and West : essays in liturgical and theological analysis Liturgical Press 2010
266 BEV BEVANS, Stephen B. Prophetic dialogue : reflections on Christian mission today Orbis 2011
Church History      
270.82 ROB ROBBINS, Keith England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales : the Christian Church 1900-2000 Oxford University Press 2008
World Religions      
291 WAR WARD, Frances Fear and friendship : Anglicans engaging with Islam Continuum 2012
292 MAR MARCH, Jenny The Penguin book of classical myths Penguin 2008
301.4 MAR MARCH, James G. The ambiguities of experience Cornell University Press 2010
429.3 EVA EVANS, Bryan R Plain English : a wealth of words Anglo-Saxon Books 2012
801 EAG EAGLETON, Terry Literary theory : an introduction Blackwell Pub. 2008
808.02 LES LESTER, James D. Writing research papers : a complete guide Pearson 2012
REF WILLIAMS, Sheena Unforgiven? A study on the place and potential of forgiveness in criminal justice Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme 2011
REF RODEL, Mark Neil Spiritual discernment in pioneer ministry : to what extent do spiritual practices of discernment feature in the practice of four Anglican ordained pioneer ministers? Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme 2011
REF LOMAS, Catherine Mary Eschatology and intellectual disability : towards a vision of wholeness Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme 2011
REF BARRETT, Brigid Hospital chaplaincy in a multi-cultural, multi-faith society : to explore how lead chaplains and chaplaincy teams in regional general hospitals, serving a culturally diverse geographic area, are addressing the needs of an increasingly multi-faith in-patient population with reference to government legislation on discrimination Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme 2011
REF 246.4 MUR MURRAY, Peter A dictionary of Christian art Oxford University Press 2004
REF 266.003 COR CORRIE, John Dictionary of mission theology : evangelical foundations Inter-Varsity Press 2007

Bookshop Bestsellers February 2012

February Bestsellers

1. Handing on the Torch York Course, £3.75

2. The Naturalist and the Christ by Tim Heaton. O books, £7.99

3. On Retreat: a Lenten Journey by Andrew Walker.  Continuum, £9.99

4. Daily Prayer by David Adam.  Kevin Mayhew, £4.99

5.  Moving in the Right Circles: Embrace the Discipleship Adventure by Chick Yuill.  IVP, £7.99

6.  Finding a Voice: A Lent Course based on the ‘King’s Speech’ by Hilary Brand.  DLT £5.99

7.  The Heart’s Time: a Poem a Day for Lent and Easter by Janet Morley.  SPCK £9.99

8. Lent for Everyone: Mark Year B   by Tom Wright.  SPCK £6.99

9.  The Nail : Being Part of the Passion by Stephen Cottrell.  SPCK £6.99

10.  Prayer: Does it Matter?  by Philip Yancey.  Zondervan, £6.99

Two Faiths and a Vision for the Economy

World Money

Please note that this course has been cancelled.
Contact Alison Ogden for details about similar courses.

Open to all – no specialist financial or theological knowledge required.  We invite you to share in a conversation that is at once personal, economic, practical and spiritual.

World MoneyMoney, the Economy and Faith is a one-day course exploring finance from two faith perspectives, Muslim and Christian.

Tarek El Diwany and Peter Selby, Muslim and Christian, Investment Adviser and Theologian, will lead an interactive discussion about money, the economy and faith.

Both have worked extensively on what their respective faiths have to offer to our understanding of economics. In the process they have each written prescient books on modern-day usury, and can show that the financial crisis of 2008 is rooted in a deep failure to understand the rightful creation and use of money in the economy.

El Diwany and Selby will offer analysis of what happened in the crisis, what we need to do to change things, and an opportunity for all of us to examine the place of money in our lives and ways to stop supporting the destructive economics of usury.

Thursday 14 June 2012
Arrivals at 10am, lunch at 1pm, departures at 4pm.

In the first two sessions both Peter Selby and Tarek El Diwany will give their account of how their faith approaches economic issues. In the final session there will be a discussion on where both visions differ and where they agree. In the process learning more about the theology and practices of both faiths, and the different ways in which Muslims and Christians can help change our economic system for the better.

Price: £45 (including lunch and refreshments)

Contact Alison Ogden for booking details
aogden@dev.sarum.ac.uk / 01722 424800

Session Leaders

The Rt Revd Dr Peter Selby
Theologian in Residence at Sarum College, author of Grace and Mortgage: the Language of Faith and the Debt of the World.Peter Selby is Visiting Professor in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, and the International Centre for Prison Studies at King’s College, London. The former Bishop of Worcester and Bishop to HM Prisons, Selby is also the author of Look for the Living: the Corporate Nature of Resurrection Faith, BeLonging: Challenge to a Tribal Church.
Tarek El Diwany
Writer and advisor in Islamic finance, author of The Problem With Interest, a detailed and forthright commentary on the nature of usury and modern banking now in its third edition.El Diwany is also contributing editor to the reference textbook Islamic Banking and Finance: What It Is and What It Could Be, a project of First Ethical Charitable Trust.

Book of the Month: March 2012

Heaven  by Paula Gooder

Opening a new book by Paula Gooder is a bit like opening a box of chocolates: you just know there are going to be wonderful things inside. And this slim volume is full of wonderful things. Given how little anyone can claim to know about heaven with certainty, she helps us try to make sense of the many, often contradictory, ways it has been described, stirring the mix of ideas to encourage readers to re-imagine the rather nebulous (sorry!) heaven of popular culture in a manner which “takes seriously the reality of God and the reality of a realm beyond our own.”

But not that far beyond. Heaven and earth were created together, bound together and will be transformed at the end of days. Paula Gooder suggests this means that heaven was created as somewhere closely associated with earth for the transcendent God to dwell alongside humanity.  Celtic spirituality talks of the “thin places” which bring heaven closer – and in Christ, all places are thin, or sacred, because all are potentially doorways to heaven. And that’s only chapter one – her style is so engaging and her enthusiasm so infectious, you just have to read on. Help yourself to another chocolate, so to speak.

Like all the best boxes of chocolates, the contents of this one are varied: language, imagery, worship and the history of ideas packaged alongside questions about life after death, judgement, angels and resurrection. If you wish, you can read it purely on an academic level (and the excellent notes will give you guidance for further study), but how and, perhaps, when we see heaven affects how we live our lives on earth. If it is somewhere distant in time and space, that posits a very different response than if heaven is close at hand. But what if heaven is actually here and now? Should we live today as we would hope to live in eternity? And pastorally, we need to know as individuals what we think about heaven if we are to offer real hope to the dying and the bereaved.  I know I’m going to find this book really helpful, and I hope you do too.

Reviewed by Norma Fergusson.

Published by SPCK, “Heaven” is normally priced at £9.99.  Mention this review to order a copy at the special price of £8.99 and POST FREE from Sarum College Bookshop until March 31st  2012. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Sarum College Bookshop’.